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  The Actors Theatre Workshop
August 2006

Words from the Artistic Director  

"We must step back and recognize the magnitude and truly awesome nature of human beings' ability to create and reveal the dramatic, creative mysteries of life.  That is why people say they have been bitten by the bug of creation.  Once they have experienced peoples' reactions to and felt the power of their immense and complex revelations of truth, nothing is ever the same."
  - Excerpted from the chapter Spirit Transcends the Flesh from the forthcoming book on theatre principles by Thurman E. Scott.  

Open House August 12th  

Our Open House on July 15th was a great success!  Many people from around our community stopped by the theatre to enjoy refreshments and conversation with our staff, and to learn more about the many programs we offer.   We would like to invite you to our next Open House on Saturday, August 12th from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.  Explore ATWs groundbreaking Acting, Volunteer and Internship programs, and learn more about renting our beautiful studio and theatre space.  Discover ATW at this free event!     RSVP at 212-947-1386 x 0 or outreach@actorstheatreworkshop.com.   We look forward to seeing you!

     Non-Profit Business Management Training Program  

We are happy to share with you a letter from one of our past interns, accounting her experience at The Actors Theatre Workshop:  

January, 8th, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

In the last year of my bachelor’s degree I decided to do an internship in order to get some work experience. My areas of study are International Business and Management, and so I wanted a challenging position in either of those fields. At The Actors Theatre Workshop I found exactly what I was looking for; the organization offers an intensive internship program in non-profit business management to US and International students.

During my work at ATW I specialized in the areas of Human Resources and I worked closely with one of the senior staff members, Sean Barry on many HR projects… In addition to the projects, I was given the opportunity to train new staff members on the job. I had a lot of ideas to contribute and I felt like my suggestions were appreciated and listened to. Even more exciting, some of my ideas were implemented and this demonstrated to me that The Actors Theatre Workshop really values initiative and leadership. It was very validating for me as an intern that I could make a lasting contribution.

ATW is a very active and busy place. The organization runs many programs and projects simultaneously, such as the children’s program, recruitment of new volunteers and fundraising activities. I was working on a lot of different areas. Through out my internship, I always received constructive feedback on how to deal with the full range of activities. The feedback was designed to help grow my leadership ability. Senior Staff was always available to answer questions; even outside the hour of operations they were open to give feedback by phone or email anytime.

At ATW I improved my communication, multi-tasking, and leadership skills. I also learned how theatre can impact and change people’s lives. The organization presents young people with a unique opportunity to develop not only business and administrative skills, but also to develop creatively by participating in the daily running of the theatre. By embracing both of the areas, I benefited tremendously and developed both on a business and a creative level. This was a great experience for me and I highly recommend it.

Kathrina Iglitzka

ATW Intern -August to December 2006


Visit our website, www.actorstheatreworkshop.com to fill out an online application for this internship and to learn more about this program.

       Make your contribution to the community!  

The Actors Theatre Workshop is a non-profit, community-based theatre company and creative haven that relies on donations to maintain and support our daily operations.  In addition to much-needed financial support, we also rely on in-kind donations of material items to sustain our theatre.     We are currently undergoing a theatre-wide beautification project.  Our goal is to provide the cleanest and most beautiful environment possible for the broad range of community members, local non-profit groups, and homeless children that utilize our space.  A few of the items we need at this time include:  

  • Carpeting and area rugs for two of our studio spaces
  • Lobby and office furniture in good condition
  • Indoor paint for our lobby and studio walls
  • General office supplies
      As a thank you for your donation, we will acknowledge you and your company on our website and in the program material that we distribute at performances and events.  Your donation will be a living example of the community values that we try to instil in the people we serve, and will help us maintain the clean, orderly, and welcoming atmosphere we have created.   We cant stress enough how essential community donations are to the continued development and growth of the Actors Theatre Workshop.  Your gift will help propel the continued success of ATWs support we provide the community.  Please let us know what you can contribute to this most worthy cause.  Contact us at 212-947-1386 or email us at outreach@actorstheatreworkshop.com in order to make arrangements for your tax-deductible donation.  

       Coming Soon to ATW!  

The Actors Theatre Workshop is proud to introduce a groundbreaking multi-part program that offers the remarkable opportunity to learn creative techniques while becoming connected to a positive environment that serves as a community and cultural center for New York City.  

This program includes the opportunity to train directly with Artistic Director Thurman E. Scott, an acclaimed writer, director, actor, and teacher, in a weekly class focused on community, imagination, and self-development.   Participants will also become familiar with the benefits of volunteer work by becoming involved with the many creative projects here at The Actors Theatre Workshop.   The program will culminate with a unique chance to interact individually with children in a dual learning process that will instill the confidence and clarity necessary to build a brighter future.      

An ideal candidate for this volunteer position would be a dedicated, positive individual who can work well in both individual and group settings.   This person must be willing to open their minds to new ideas and concepts while experiencing and contributing to the positive energy that this life changing theatre generates.  

Through this program, you will have the opportunity to lend your own creative talent to an organization that will uphold and value your contributions, and give you the structure to reveal your hidden potentials as an artist and as a human being.  Everyone has a song to sing, a story to tell and an insight to share- - that is, everyone has a passion that is distinctively theirs that they need to express.  We welcome you and your unique expression at the Actors Theatre Workshop!  

To learn more about this upcoming program please contact us via phone (212) 947 1386 x 0 or via email info@actorstheatreworshop.com .  


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