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The Actors Theatre Workshop

September 2007 Volume 1, Issue 10

Announcing New Video!

The Actors Theatre Workshop is proud to announce the release of a new video documentary of Artistic Director and Founder Thurman E. Scott teaching his original acting technique in our groundbreaking documentary series, INSIDE THE SCOTT ACTING CONSERVATORY.

The ideas and insights captured in this video documentary series make powerful, effective theatre principles and techniques available to professional actors, and individuals from all walks of life that seek to develop creatively.

In this latest installment in the series, Mr. Scott examines the role that the awakening of social consciousness plays in the lives of actors in training, and in all individuals who wish to gain clarity and understanding of the world around them so that they will be able to make specific choices to support taking powerful actions.

So please click on the link below to view this new documentary. Embark upon a journey of the imagination and experience illuminating ideas and concepts from INSIDE THE SCOTT ACTING CONSERVATORY.

Apply Now for our Fall Classes and Programs

Please visit our website at www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com to learn more about how you can make a lasting impact in the world through your involvement in our award-winning non-profit theatre.

Here are just three of the exciting and rewarding ways to get involved this fall.

Apply to become a member of The Master Class Acting Training Program, our professional acting conservatory class made up of a powerful ensemble of committed individuals whose goal is to nurture, develop and give direction to their unique talent in order to become the highest caliber of theatre artist.

Apply for our Six Session Intensive Acting Class beginning on Sunday, September 30. This class is an introduction to the study of creative process which allows students to unlock their creative potential, express their individuality, and enhance their personal and professional lives. Students strengthen presence, see new possibilities, articulate new ideas, and expand their intuitive, inspirational and philosophical view of life. This bi-monthly Sunday class was specially created for people from all walks of life who wish to discover new dimensions of themselves and integrate these discoveries into their daily lives.

Apply to become a member of our Creative Expression and Community Service Training Program in which you will receive a scholarship to study creative process and acting technique with our Artistic Director and Founder Thurman E. Scott, serve as a leader on our volunteer staff and provide support for our upcoming fall session of The Builders of the New World, our theatre and education program for homeless children.

Apply to become a Mentoring and Programming Assistant for our upcoming winter session of Builders of the New World (BNW), now in its fourteenth award-winning year. Assist in a variety of capacities with the program administration and the weekly classes with the homeless children we serve. We provide classes and training for our volunteers that will begin this fall.

Once you decide on the class or program that fulfills your desire to develop your creative potential and utilize your unique gifts please fill out an online application at www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please keep an eye on our website for class and program updates.

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