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Thurman E. Scott
Artistic Director, Executive Producer and Founder

145 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001
Dear Friend, December 10, 2010

Greetings from the Actors Theatre Workshop! I'm very excited to share the inspiring journey we've travelled this past year and important milestones we've achieved. I'm especially happy to bring news of a very exciting new conflict resolution, drama and documentary project we've launched in Israel and the West Bank.

Some of you may have followed our Artistic Director and Founder Thurman E. Scott's travels to the Middle East on Facebook and Twitter. If you missed it, I'd like to share this important new venture with you -- and invite you to join us in the coming year in the many other exciting new programs taking place at ATW.

This year we celebrated ATW's 20th Anniversary as an award-winning non-profit theatre, community center, and educational institution. Our proven community outreach programs have brought success, light and hope to people from all walks of life, from professional actors, to senior citizens, to the homeless children we serve in our Builders of the New World theatre and education program.

Class in Jaffa

We've seen such a profound impact on the adults and children who participate in our life-changing programs that we've decided to expand our vision to the global community and use our tried and proven techniques to hopefully help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East in their particular struggle.

Please mark your calendars and join us at ATW at 6:30 on January 19, 2011 for a video-viewing reception, and see for yourself the illuminating documentary footage of the conflict resolution and drama classes Mr. Scott taught in Israel and the West Bank. His students came from diverse backgrounds -- artists, members of the political establishment, community leaders and young people -- and from different cities and towns in Israel and the West Bank, from Jaffa and Jerusalem to Jenin and Ramallah.

Class at Ramallah Drama Academy

You'll see heartwarming, inspirational images that will allow you to share in our excitement for this new global outreach initiative. The students were tremendously enthusiastic about the creative techniques they learned. They were able to see beyond feelings of alienation and repression. They learned to open their imaginations, experienced curiosity about one another and the future, and felt courage to let go of old ways of thinking. They told us that the classes changed their lives and opened up new paths forward.

That is why we've decided to launch a two-year program in Israel and the West Bank to teach classes in ATW's original creative and conflict resolution techniques, and to develop a new and illuminating play about the everyday struggles of these two communities. We'll film the entire program and produce a documentary that will shed light on our students' unique journey, and expand the impact of this powerful initiative to a global audience. Please join us in supporting this break-through work and make a tax-deductible donation today to The Actors Theatre Workshop!

Thurman E. Scott and Student in Jaffa


... and check out our website for information on volunteer opportunities and classes offered in the Scott Conservatory!

Children's Holiday Party
Builders of the New World Holiday Party
We're kicking-off the festive holiday season next week with our annual Builders of the New World holiday party. Children from Regent Family Living Center, a shelter for families that have lost their homes, will enjoy a hot holiday meal donated by a top New York restaurant -- then they'll gather around our spectacular Christmas tree to open presents selected especially for them to brighten their holiday, generously donated by our corporate partners at Stahl Real Estate! Click here for more information on the Builders of the New World Program.
Open Mic Night of Theatre, Song and Ideas

As we continue to examine the pressing challenges of the 21st century, the ATW community is joining together in a mission of inspiration and exchange! On the fourth Wednesday of every month from 7:00 - 10:00 pm, beginning January 26, 2011, you'll have an opportunity to share your messages of light and hope for the future. Take your place on ATW's beautiful stage, step into the spotlight and recite a poem, sing a song, share an insight, express your heart-felt opinions -- or if you'd like, simply listen and reflect. Be part of a democratic process of individuals coming together to discuss and implement our very best ideas in our communities! Click here to learn more about the Open Mic Night of Theatre, Song and Ideas.

New Play Series

Fulfilling our mission to examine pressing social issues through theatre, in March 2011, we will launch a year-long series of classic and contemporary plays. These great plays express the core struggles and ideas of their times while revealing new insights into the modern struggles we experience today. Please keep an eye out for more details in our upcoming newsletters! Click here for more information on our New Play Series.

The Young People's Creative Workshop

When ATW first incorporated as a non-profit we created an inspiring drama and education program for high school students from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds. The YPCW gives young people a place to exercise their immense potential, fulfills their pressing need for guidance, and encourages them to reach for their dreams. Please share this exciting opportunity with the young people in your life and encourage them to apply for our 2011 session as we expand our commitment to ATW's very first community program. Click here to learn more about The Young People's Creative Workshop.

Executive Leadership Program

In his early essay entitled All Humans are Creative Beings, Mr. Scott tackles the issue of why so many of us grow up believing that we don't have an imagination. He writes that "creativity is the great equalizer," meaning we all have the potential to create, not only so-called elite artists. In ATW's stimulating and impactful Executive Leadership Program, Mr. Scott teaches business professionals in private and small group sessions to develop their unique, creative birthright and to fulfill their potential as true leaders.
A clarion call is going forth across the land for America to renew the legendary spirit of entrepreneurship that has made our country great. To tap into our enormous potential to rebuild our economy and enhance productivity we need optimum performance from every individual -- especially our leaders.
Great leaders inspire us to go beyond our perceived limitations and accomplish our dreams. When this happens pessimism and fear are transformed into hope and self-esteem, and productivity increases. Join the Executive Leadership Program. Learn powerful techniques, develop new facets of yourself and inspire a new vision so that you can help lead us back to optimism and prosperity. Click here for more information.

Our mission is to help people to reach beyond their limitations and achieve their potential, whoever or wherever they may be. We need you to be a part of this vision.

Since incorporating as a non-profit 20 years ago, The Actors Theatre Workshop has successfully established an award-winning cultural and educational institution, provided training opportunities for people from all walks of life, and educated and uplifted thousands of homeless and at-risk children and their families.
As we begin to implement our international expansion in Israel and the West Bank, we recognize the immense task at hand. But we know from history that no conflict is beyond the reach of a committed solution.

We look to the future with the confidence, which comes from knowing that our tried and proven techniques truly work. We are the small committed army doing what we can to tackle a world struggle, stand-ins for the collective longing we all share for peace, understanding, security and justice for all men and women.

We ask you to help us fulfill this vision. Make a tax-deductible donation today -- and your financial support will help to make this dream a reality. Join with us as we teach and inspire people, giving them the tools to accomplish their dreams. Standing together we can make a difference in our homes, neighborhoods, country and the world.

Thurman E. Scott and Student in Ramallah


Eileen M. Burke

Eileen M. Burke


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