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Dear Friend, March 3rd, 2009

Reflecting on President Obama’s call for Americans to take action in order to meet the many challenges that we face today in our communities and our country, we at The Actors Theatre Workshop extend to you an invitation to join us at our award-winning theatre and community center and become an activated part of our organization.

We are very proud to share with you a powerful and compelling new article entitled How to See Change written by ATW’s Artistic Director, Executive Producer and Founder Thurman E. Scott. In this insightful new writing, Mr. Scott examines the interplay between change, fear, inspiration and the imagination. He shows us how inspiration serves as the fuel to help get us past the fear that accompanies change and growth - - and he begins the discussion of the specific techniques he teaches to open up the imagination to find a more productive and hopeful way to live in this ever-changing environment in which we find ourselves today. How to See Change is the first in a series on this very crucial and timely topic, and we look forward to sending you the next installment soon.

We welcome you as we embark upon this journey of change and growth in 2009 with a sense of excitement and relish for the unfolding days ahead!

Warm Regards,

The Staff of The Actors Theatre Workshop

special holiday gift
How to See Change
P.S. - Please join us on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 as we celebrate the Performance and Graduation of The Builders of the New World. In its 14th year, our theatre and education program for homeless children provides the discipline and support needed to make educational choices today so their dreams for tomorrow can come true.
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