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The Fall is Full of New Beginnings...

October 2008 Issue

A New Face For Hope at ATW

Dear Friends,

We are expanding! There are many new acting classes, volunteer opportunities and creative initiatives going on at ATW. Be sure to click on the link below to check out our new Facebook page, help us spread the word and "become a fan." See our new videos from inside our acting classes! Thank you for your continued interest. We could never have come this far without you! Let's join together in the spirit of positive change and community and creative expression for all.

ATW on Facebook! Click on the links below and become a "fan" on our new Facebook, YouTube and Itunes podcast pages. Help us spread the message of hope and creativity that are anchored in the techniques born out of the principles of modern and classical theatre. Check out our new videos and mp3's from inside our classes, workshops and community programs at:

ACTING CLASSES NOW! Study acting with acclaimed Actor/Director Thurman E. Scott in an intensive semi-private professional Acting Training Program taught in an ensemble setting - for beginning and advanced students. A new semester is getting started ... http://www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com

A Sunday Acting Class ... Find out about our "Six Session Acting Intensive" for beginning actors and working professionals seeking to re-ignite the fire that first led you to the theatre. It starts Sunday, Jan 18th. Find out more and apply on-line at ... http://www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com

Volunteer Leadership Training: Become an unstoppable Community Organizer at our Theatre Conservatory and Community Center! RSVP for our Info Session Saturday, Nov. 1st! http://www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com

Mentor Homeless Children in our award-winning after-school theatre and education program. RSVP for our Info Session Saturday, Nov. 1st! http://www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com

To find out more about our Acting Classes and to speak the class registrar, apply online to schedule an interview/information session and email us at outreach@actorstheatreworkshop.com.

To Volunteer and Mentor, apply online and call 212 947.1386 ext. 0 to RSVP for our next Volunteer Information Session.

Website: http://www.ActorsTheatreWorkshop.com